Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mortgage Calculator

Building a Flex Application with the Parsley Framework
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AIR-based Mortgage Calculator Desktop Widget (with ILOG Gauges)
By Christophe Coenraets |

Here is a simple example of using a chromeless, transparent window in AIR to build a widget-type application. I know: yet another mortgage application… but to make things more interesting, I used the cool ILOG Elixir gauges to display and enter the principal, monthly payment, rate, and term. No rocket science here, but a nice reminder of what you can do in less than a hundred lines of code.

Click the badge below to install the application:


* Move the needle with your mouse to specify the principal, monthly payment, rate, and term.
If you change the principal, the monthly payment is automatically recalculated.
If you change the monthly payment, the principal is automatically recalculated to show what that monthly payment can buy you.
* You can move the widget by dragging the upper area of the top gauges border.
* You can minimize the widget by double-clicking the upper area of the top gauges border.
* You can close the widget by right-clicking the application in the task bar or in the dock.

View Source is enabled (right click the application to view and download the source code. You will need to add the ILOG Elixir SWCs to your build path to compile).

Here is also a live browser version… (the AIR version is a lot cooler).


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