Friday, March 4, 2011

Hair loss in men

Hair loss in men can be a very disturbing and certainly can cause anxiety and stress time. In the past, baldness was considered an unfortunate incident. However, the fundamental assumption of recent years and now sports a shaved head is turned to men generally considered attractive and fashionable by most people.

androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness major types of hair loss can be seen in most of the male population. 80 percent of which inevitably suffer from pattern baldness, as they will grow. Medical experts have shown that the illness usually begins 20 to 30 men and follows a specific format. First, a temple, a rapidly receding hairline and crown area, which results mainly from a slow denudation of the scalp, in that time, with a view bald show gradual thinning hair. Over time, these two come together for baldness affected areas and a traditional U-shaped back of the head as the sides.

This particular type of hair loss in men in specific areas of the scalp increased 5ex male hormones (androgens) due to the sensitivity to the front and top, especially. Male hair loss is genetically determined, meaning it can be passed from parents. However, as a dermatologist specialists back lost hair loss stop hair growth can be helpful. Recent years for treatment with the drug minoxidil lotion and finasteride medication has been offered for some people like.

Minoxidil originally as a treatment for hypertension was invented, but interesting side effect of hair growth has become. Scientists then make lotion for hair loss male pattern baldness treatment containing minoxidil, especially designed. Patients using this treatment also vomiting, fainting, vomiting, severe itching and swelling of the scalp such as beware of side effects. On the other hand the very same drug finasteride in men's hair, it can provide side-effects are said to be effective in restoring, 5exual usually has to do with erectile dysfunction as requested, 5ex unit including the lack of low libido and testicular pain.

Hair loss in men is indeed a serious matter and in order critical thinking in the treatment of this condition is horrible side effects that surely life and daily activities can affect the need to avoid.


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