Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Now, Katrina Wants Salman Back?

 Katrina needs a film with the Khan and the only one on the horizon ex-boyfriend Salman was in the eye.

Tees Maar Khan Katrina bombed at the box office and Dostana 2 is in the background. His film with Hrithik Roshan is complete and the movie with Ayaan Mukherjee Deepika Padukone Ranbir Kapoor in the head.

This is the movie beautiful woman without the Khan. What remains is a project by Kabir Khan for Yash Raj Films, Sallu has on its head.

But this bag, it must settle with her ex, at least professionally, because it has the last word on this matter.

Katrina would have sent several texts, and even called Salman sister Alvira Agnihotri in a good word, disturbing family and friends of the actor on the highest point.

However, a source close to Katrina said: "She's been in contact with Kabir, but his film does not offer its Alvira, Katrina was offered a bodyguard, but she refused because" he needs time away from Salman before. it can make a movie with him


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