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The story is a common term for a sequence of events, or declaration of facts that describe a particular situation (see story), in particular:

• bedtime story, a traditional form of storytelling, children told to get ready for sleep

• Organization history, a narrative used in organizational studies

• Short story of a fictional account of the length of a novella

• stories, or my stories, American slang for soap

• The history of the user, a method for representing software requirements

Story or stories can also mean:

A story is a work of fiction is usually written in prose, often in narrative form. This format is more of an active and literary works like new (in the sense of Century 20 and 21) and the novels or books. Definitions of short stories about the duration of the basis are slightly different, even for professional writers, that is partly due to the fragmentation of media sex. Since the short story format includes a wide range of genres and styles, the actual length of the preference of the author (or the actual needs of the story in terms of artistic or arc) is determined and the relevant clauses in the real history of the market. Policies vary greatly between publishers.

Many storytellers define their work through a combination of creative expression, personal integrity and artistic. Therefore, many have tried to resist the gender classification and the definition of numbers, looking for approaches such as limitations and catchy, the art form and argument. Consequently, the definition of story lengths based short bursts, especially if the writing is.

Malayalam Film

Kerala Malayalam film or film refers to films in the Indian state of Kerala in Malayalam language. Malayalam movies typically social or family problems and are considered realistic and educated in Bollywood movies

Although the budgets of the films' relatively low, Malayalam cinema has pioneered several techniques, techniques, themes and films in production between India and South India. For example, the first 3-D film in India, My Dear Kuttichathan (1984) prepared, conducted in Malayalam


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