Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Harbhajan slapping Symonds - IPL 4?

Harbhajan slapping Symonds - IPL 4?

Why should happen this year if it does not take place during the last three editions of the tournament? Need not to follow

Sherlock Holmes, that an essential element for IPL Slapgate 2 'in this year, which is not in previous editions of the IPL

was not: Harbhajan and Symonds are partners in the team Mumbai Indians!

IPL fans will recall that "IPL Slapgate 1 'during an IPL, where he Harbhajan slaps Sreesanth skills has occurred, and has

come to set a world record in the history to beat the most expensive set, not only the history of cricket (perhaps we see

some bidders in this category in future auctions IPL). To be more specific, the Harbhajan hit with a total cost of $

550,000 in postage and fines. On this occasion Harbhajan lucky to collect after the TV cameras are not the real coup, only

in face with tears sown Sreesanth criticized over after the main action. But this time, television camera operators was

likely to be alert to the possibility, and hopefully be able to IPL fans even watch replays action.

If such a slap in the face occurs, we are all circumstances that could lead to:

(1) Symonds drops a bowling Harbhajan decision.

(2) is covered by Harbhajan Symonds bowling.

missed (3) Harbhajan Symonds.

(4) Harbhajan Symonds missed.

(5), Harbhajan was the team captain.

(6) Harbhajan called Symonds Maa .. (Sorry, the pattern number of revocation 6)

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