Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Indians Living in the UAE

 As a percentage of the local community undoubtedly more Indians are living in the UAE than any other Indian community outside India. There is a history between India and the United Arab Emirates, which literally for centuries and led to very strong trade and cultural relations. While many expatriates in other parts of the world offers in the UAE and Dubai in particular after the boom began a decade ago, this was not the case in respect of the local natives.
However, there have been changes, and there were difficulties in the recent past.
Culture clashes
Despite the fact that over 40% of the population of Indian origin in the UAE, which has continued the recent fighting in relation to cultural beliefs and religion. However, it is not only the Aboriginal community that the weight of an amendment of the law has felt, as many other migrant communities also had a brake on certain practices, such as alcohol consumption in the United Arab Emirates.
As mentioned above, the economy of the UAE has significantly in the last decade and despite the situation in Dubai reinforced is deteriorating especially in recent years, much more than only a decade ago. This abrupt change in the local economy in the UAE have a number of immigrants returning to their homes, such as increasing unemployment and banks keep liquidity problems seen in the foreground.
The future
It is likely that in the short term, we have a reduction in the number of foreign travelers in countries like the United Arab Emirates to see, but in relation to the Aboriginal community of many families, the second and third generation who settled there. During continue the recent cultural clashes, it remains to be seen, but it seems that many of them revolve around the economic situation has deteriorated over the past two years.
Life in the United Arab Emirates
Indians living in the UAE has a massive increase in the cost of living in the past decade and shows no signs of abating, despite the fact that the economy has slowed. Historically, the relatively high wages for jobs in property, technology and service companies able to maintain relatively high cost of living standards, but this has recently changed somewhat.
Many people are surprised to learn that the local population in the UAE, 40% of people with direct or indirect ties to India. There is a link back between the two parts of the world hundreds of years and was still relatively intact for some time to come. It will be interesting to see whether other migrant communities continue to grow despite the economic situation, even when back at good times, those who fled the UAE back in large numbers.


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