Saturday, April 23, 2011

Support Anna Hazare- fight against corruption

Who exactly is Anna Hazare was the first question I asked myself on 5th Apr 2011, the day when the frail and plain speaking 72yr old man dressed in plain white clothes pulled off his 'fast-unto-death' tryst to fight against the growing filth of corruption in India. I faintly remember hearing of this Gandhian then, but more importantly I wanted to figure out the magical aura inside him that infatuated such huge people support across the social strata pan India. Wondered whether it was the "Aabra-Ka-Dabra Effect"...because after all Annaji's movement began at the Jantar-Mantar in New Delhi naah!

Giving more power to the people

At a phase in life when most of the septuagenarians hang their boots to celebrate retirement, Anna Hazare is selflessly working for the people and still going strong since the last 30yrs. The entire nation supported this gutsy guy who not only demanded the introduction of the Jan Lokpal Bill (Citizen's Ombudsman Bill) but also humbly fasted until the civilian demands were met. I couldn't fast like Annaji, but also couldn't resist being a part of the "I am Anna" campaign against corruption. Thousands and thousands of people like you and me came out showing their solidarity all through the 4 days of the movement...and then...can the government of the largest democracies of the world even think of giving a deaf year to the people's humble demands....I don't really think so!

Well finally, the Jan Lokpal Bill which is an effective anti-corruption and grievance redressal system against corruption will be drafted and then passed by the government accepting all civilian demands for making it a 100% accountable and transparent document. Indeed, cheers to this not so young man who sacrificed for the progress of a young India.

India is not an Egypt

It was pretty heartbreaking when the Anna Hazare's anti-corruption movement was drawing comparisons with that of the uprising in Egypt. It is like unintentionally belittling or undermining the fight put forward by our freedom fighters to give us our democracy way back in 1947. The anti-corruption movement in India is simply a rightfully honest demand that the people are putting forward to the established legislative, and then using the means of rallies to communicate our needs...vis-a-vis Egypt's uprising for actual democracy.

Power of wired networks

The captain of the Pakistan cricket team must have criticised Indian media for its negativity, but look at what media has done to make this movement a big success. Undoubtedly, media traversed across the nation to churn out stories of the masses. Evenmore, tactfully pressurised the government to act now or loose people's confidence in the system forever. Besides media, social networking and micro-blogging created a flurry of opinions, bringing together the unity of thoughts towards the greatest non-violent people's movement after the Independence Day movement fathered by Mahatma Gandhi.

Joining hands with UN Convention

It is indeed time for India to be a part of the UN convention against corruption which crimilizes not only basic corruption such as bribery and embezzlement of public funds, but also trading the proceeds of corruption. The Convention which came into force way back in Year 2005 saw the approval and participation of 140 countries across the globe...except India which raised its hands rather than shaking its hands in partnership with this first legally binding international anti-corruption instrument.

Finally we got to walk the talk

So more power to the people, more power to India incorporation, more power for economic growth, more power to foreign direct investments, more power to spending on health and infrastructure, better and transparent utilisation of taxpayers money...but all this made possible only if we as individuals abstain from accepting or giving bribery, sifarish (reference), or anything that will chain the very purpose of this movement.

It's really-really tough, but I will try. How about you?

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