Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dell Inspiron 15R Review

The advent of the R series laptop Dell laptop budget is a radical departure from the drab physical appearance and low-end products in Dell's desire to inject some class represents. Not only are computers available in three colors, red, black and brown, glossy finish brings them much closer to their more expensive counterparts, at least in physical appearance. Inspiron 15R is the new looks and impressive internal features.

Dell Inspiron 15R i3-350m 2.26Gh an Intel Core processor, 320GB 5400rpm hard drive and 4GB of memory which is expandable one. Operating system Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium and six-cell lithium ion battery with 64 bit, the laptop gives the user a power source close to four hours. Laptop with external devices, four USB ports as it is easy to use. The generous number of ports for a laptop of this size and the user Add-ons that use an external mouse and MP3 players to be able to.

Additional features that other devices have an HDMI compatible Dell Inspiron 15R for the user to connect to a TV or external monitor enables you to include. Laptop an optical DVD drive and a Gigabit Ethernet allows for fast wired network connections. For audio, Inspiron 15R speakers on the front of the chassis and quality should fail to satisfy you, use a headphone jack which is much improved audio quality.

15 Inspiron what until recently was reserved for more expensive laptop chassis design makes it look great. Glossy lid and a gunmetal finish to the low-end laptops have the appearance of more pricey products.

Dell Inspiron 15R chassis is embedded in the keyboard, and users who regularly work on a spreadsheet, there is a number pad key keyboard allows for quick and easy spreadsheet functions to the next.

Dell Computer's R series of superior features make them desirable and wallet-friendly laptops. The prices are great savings to the buyers who can purchase these laptops by Dell discount coupons. Coupons, which are obtainable online shoppers who otherwise would lose a substantial amount of money make it possible to save. Online availability also means that the coupon can be obtained immediately.

Dell Inspiron 15R as this review shows, the new laptop does not just look great, but has powerful features to satisfy the computing needs.

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