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Android Top 5 Apps Free Download

5 Great Android Apps for Amazing Video Conferencing

Video conferencing makes it easy for our lives. Connecting school and business people also have video conferencing possible has been made. In this line, Android, its devices and only allows it to be. In any particular order, here are 5 Great Android Apps Amazing video conferencing are as follows:

1. Qik Video Contact Us

IOS is contrasted with its counterpart, Qik's Android interface. Android version of its screen, its description of the four blocks each representing a specific function. Its functions, such as video chat, record and share, include video mail and video gallery. The difference with the IOS version of the Android version of its appearance, however, both have the same functionality.

In addition to its video chat to work, another thing you can find videos of your interesting mail. Voice mail, but this time it's desired, it uses the video. An advantage to pre-recorded video mail, video quality, live video chat with the best content. The bad news is that they charge for this service by June 1, after the annual fee will not be able to use this service for free.

Qik, you can upload to the Web from your videos and share them via email and SMS. Qik has the better features, it may be a better video chat experience. Right now, but between Qik Video Conferencing Android Apps is a better option.

2. Tango

Tango is a good thing, it allows users to cross - there is a platform that allows you to video chat. Do you really Android - If you are on a very cold, even if you have an IOS that it is using a friend to video chat! This capability is also Fring, Tango scores more points when it comes to video quality and easy to use. Tango, a co 3G and 4G networks can be made through the calls.

Finding the application is made convenient by using the Tango to your friends. Tango Tango on the application's contact list and add them to your Android or iPhone address book to find friends. Also, this application is quite easy to setup.

3. Fring

Fring is a user-friendly. Its interface is neat and not cluttered. Is also not a problem for the first time getting to know the user application. Video quality is good, however, FaceTime (iPhone) is a good idea. The audio is still room for improvement and has more. A good thing, even though it is free to download from the Android website.

4. Live video can be

Live video can be another one of his phone allows its users to share live video. The video - sharing application that is used only for the iPhone is available. Now, Android is the Android enthusiasts - good news for the Father! It's a family or a friend to use Android, the iPhone user can share live videos, such as a cross - is an application platform. This is one of the most popular social network Apps for free today and you can download the application.

5. Skype

Skype VoIP Apps arguably the best one around. Unfortunately, with the exception of Android, Skype, video conferencing, and 4G phones. Many of these services is, however, promise to be there to extend the non-4G phones.

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