Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Audi A 8 Auto expo delhi 2012

Initiated model Audi its class A8 L Executive luxury in India with a number of awards of SR 87. 32lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai). Audi A8 give a strong competition the German automaker Mercedes s class and BMW series 7. Audi A8 was designed and released in 1994 for the international market, but the company, and then begins in the year 2011 in India. Audi A8 is part of the D + business segment, which is greater than its predecessor and the weight is significantly reduced. Incredibly, want to attract the A8 super luxury sedan from the current market of India, which requires luxury and performance.

Outside of the Audi A8 greatly to a person at first glance address. Part of upper and lower grilles is trapezoidal part, which looks awesome in conjunction with muscle. On this day with LEDs, lights Xenon, indicators on your page and the dazzling LED allow more impressive tail light for you. The Interior is very wide, as the seats with covers made of leather of the volcano are blocked, that makes you feel uncomfortable. Audi A8 is a multifunctional as multi media information touch pad system, sound-system Bose road Guide and equipment controlled River of the button, and many other features provided.Alternative diesel Quattro TDI L3. 0 and two others are variants of petrol L6. 0 Quattro W12 Quattro 4.2 which in India are available, as the prize to 1.1 rupees for high line models.

Audi A8 has 3 types of engine L3. 0 TDI Quattro diesel powered by 2967 cc a maximum capacity of 247 torque provides HP with 350 nm peak. At 0-60 mph in 6.1 seconds. L4. 2 FSI Quattro sport is a massive 4163cc V8 gasoline engine, capable of PS with a powerful 445Nm at 3 500 propagate a peak of 372 u/min. The exclusive, the Quattro W12 L6. 0 by the spark of ignition engine by 5998 cc DOHC, W12 is powered, is adjusted to at an altitude of a few 580Nm 450bhp @ 6200rpm code changes. Three variants have a Turbo direct injection fuel system, cruising speed 8 tronic system Quattro permanent controls and cycling all technology excellent performance with reduced fuel consumption.

A8 luxury is complemented by features of comfort and entertainment includes the excellent 8 speakers, Bose with the DVD system and monitors behind each headrest LCD based in coupled. A8 is installed with speed control, which can feel every other car in its path, such as the only not the car is approaching from a distance as correctly, can you change the speed can be.

The class car business is full of many modern security features such as such as rupture of the ABS (ABS) system, braking assistance, immobilizer maintenance Carril, Electronic brakeforce distribution (EDB), airbags, electro mechanical parking brake, and much more. A8 is available in colors Fantablous Avus silver Pearl, White Ibis, Black Ghost, aqua blue, cherry, Oyster grey Daytona metal, grey and ice metallic silver.

Audi has the new security technology meaning meadow to generate current and future to prevent accidents, next-generation navigation system, Adaptive air suspension, Assistant night vision, and stop and go functions controller designed.

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