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The theatrical trailer of Shiney Ahuja, horror film song Sayali Bhagat spirit, the release-16 to see
December 2011.


The past never dies, kills
Hospital of the city is a chain of blood curdling spine cool murder witness. A beautiful young recruit Dr. Suhani (Sayali Bhagat) is confronted with disturbing developments in the hospital. She was surprised by the monstrous strength, causing a trail of cruel murders overnight sweeps. What or who is responsible for this murderous destruction strange? The killer uses a unique methodology hiking trails leave, defies all human understanding.
Leading his has more competent officer Vijay Singh (Shiney Ahuja) in the research agency entrusted with the case. Vijay good-natured romantic young detective moves gather information about the mysterious murders intelligent. Dr.Suhani is among the first questions. There are instant chemistry between the two.
The culprit is back in gear and witness terrible brutal murders are. Success eludes Vijay, but he committed passionate for treat it as his personal war against the butcher.
What follows is intrigue, betrayal producing passion, deceit, revenge and nerves a thrilling journey of love.
Finally God intends and improperly discarded.

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