Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kolaveri di' singer Dhanush in Bollywood debut

Rajinikanth's son-in-law follows traces is to make a mark in the Hindi film industry with Raanjhnaa

Signed superstar Dhanush Kollywood first Bollywood film. About three decades ago Superstar Rajinikanth South the same. I had considerable success with such films also Andha Kanoon, Geraftaar enjoyed Chaalbaaz and Hum, but later returned Tamil cinema. Of course, claims Dhanush, the why stir in non-Tamil speaking regions with the most recent historical Tues kolaveri? Causes, signed Hindi film history before the song was fixed to an idea. But hey, that's what they all say, right? In any case, I will Tanu Weds Manu his first with the manager next film Anand L Rai, Raanjhnaa. The film is in Benares in September, and you wonder whether Dhanush convince May as Indians in the north, but the manager has no such compunction. After Anand DECIDES that I was on the award-winning film Aadukalam Dhanush National Historic power saw. "It seems very ordinary, honest, and that was the wish of the character," said Anand.

Dhanush too confident that I can give a good performance, even if he does not know Hindi. He believes that trusts 11.00, I with the culture of the North, I'll be able to learn the language easily. That's why I planned to use even a tutor to help him. He is thrilled and says that it is a Raanjhnaa "big launch" is for him. Given the recent film Anand was a success and a blockbuster is not sleeping, we wonder what makes him say.

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