Monday, January 9, 2012

Mini Cooper S Convertible in auto expo delhi 2012

Mini Cooper S Convertible

Here, the people's's car. But at the cost of 29.99 RS lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), it is not people-centric. But you get the drift. Know you, mini? Made by the British for the common man Br. Then was legendary, iconic and in its latest avatar is a posh city car. To tell the truth, a city car posh on paper, it is not really. I would like to say a dog Pocket call the Bulldog, simply because it's small?

The Mini Cooper S is a 1.6 litre four cylinder-powered. Do you think something like this, what would do?120? 140? 160 perhaps? Even with the turbos. As well the Cooper makes S 184. faded when comparing you the version of John Cooper works mini from 211 horses brings. But that's what it looks like. Motor wringed on his life and was climbing too hard. Also for a sports car.

Can trust us. Get the Mini Cooper. It is an appropriate Pocket Rocket. Ruine steering feel Directorate of the sensational view because it has electronically scanned none of these new things from liquid help Servotromaticated. Transfer short is a simple case of start, 6 gears. The Interior is full of switches and buttons instead of the boring buttons. The cabin is fairly easy and fun.

It is even units of the car. Scurries and creep resistance on. Out there, one seems waddling happily on puppies. But inside, gives the feeling of control may believe that the idea of the economic environment the origins of this car back. It is not sport, is the drive, you are still no V8 engine or a V12 cylinder forget: all the conditions for a fun car, fast. The mini is the fun, fast car exactly.

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