Sunday, January 22, 2012

The simplest way to get the approval from Google AdSense

The simplest way to get the approval from Google AdSense

AdSense is dismissing many editors and owners of Web sites currently in the audit of the quality of its measures. In this scenario, many people often ask me the question adopted in AdSense readily available.

Here are some tips to get approved by the AdSense publisher without great difficulty program-.

1 Choose a theme you like and start a blog on this subject. I like cars so I have 3 blogs on cars and many people visit regularly. Make sure that you select the theme you like, otherwise it would be really boring write the content to do so. Many people have no money at home to begin your site. In such cases, you can choose free blogs such as Blogger.

2 Once you have chosen your topic and started a blog, make sure that publish 10 articles of good quality on your blog. Take the time to design the blog. There are many themes, plugins, html code and free software on the internet that will allow you to design a blog without much effort.

3. The above steps take 2-3 days to the end, but trust that me will be worth. Once you have a good design blog has 10 pages of good content, now its time to get some traffic to your site.

4. If your site no traffic, then you will not even money, if you are accepted by AdSense, it is so important that we focus getting traffic. Submit your site to Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. Search for people in your content, it is always possible that a visitor will land on your blog through search engines.

5 Start commenting on other blogs and the site of the URL. Comment by at least 10 blogs every day, takes no more than 15 minutes. It has two advantages, 1 - free links to your site which helps to get your website rank in search engines. 2. If any of your comment and click on the URL below noted, you get a visitor. Comments are approved, you get more traffic.

Now, we have positioned OK, 10 Buenos and some traffic your blog with a decent design. This takes 5-6 working days approximately, only 2 to 3 hours a day of work. Apply now for AdSense with your blog, and if you have followed all the steps correctly, there is a very good chance in the coming days, approved 3-4!

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