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If you are a teenage parent, you want them to be more expensive than Samsung's Android smart phone may be one of the major S2 model? It may not be good. Phone in the hands of an inexperienced youth is very hot. Catches too much attention to the phone. Your child can easily fall prey to the score statistics may not be looking for Shady. From early adolescence, such as telephone, taking candy from a baby will make it easier to take. If your teenage son or daughter looking for a dependable, if the entry level touch screen smart phone, Samsung launched a handset in the Galaxy may be interested in the Wii is the login

This new handset will come with only the S2 model is the most important specifications, such as the high. Only a resolution of 240 X 320 pixels 3.0 inch TFT capacitive touch screen sports. The 4.3 inch 480 X 800 pixels resolution's S2 model is nothing compared to Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touch screen. Comes filled with 832 MHz single core processor under the hood. Again, this is the best to Mali-400MP GPU graphics with dual core Cortex-A9 processor-Exynos chip set 1.2 GHz, ARM, compared to nothing. Has a 2 megapixel camera phone. This is nothing compared to the major's 8 megapixel camera. Despite the entry-level smart phone's hardware is much more common, it still can get work done. All the best, malicious individuals try and phone of your child's hands to get less.

Samsung Galaxy Why do not count just yet. Despite its modest hardware, it's Android smart phone - is powered by the operating system. It is powered by Gingerbread. Despite the frequency of mobile phone spare Android Hardware is known for boosting performance. In addition to boosting performance, which allows young Android market to download fun Apps. The Gingerbread virtual keyboard, which is sent to a teenage IM and SMS allows you to enjoy the most. All the Best, more energy efficient. The young Samsung Galaxy the Wii's battery draining allows you to send any text messages, and chat.

These days, it is not just for your teenage son or daughter to follow Samsung's important not to give such an expensive smart phone. They lose, break, or stolen, you are crazy drive. Samsung Galaxy on the Wii, with easy in your mind and will. In addition, your teen will get to enjoy a dependable, the Android smart phone.

If you are the most important aspects of your business, consider a network, then you are in any case, network downtime is always a chance. You can monitor your network, depending on various factors. You have to oversee the functioning of the network, a network administrator is required to be employed. If your company small, and you can not feel the need for your network, a network administrator, then at least some of the information you need to know about the network of the original matrix. Indicates that the network performance metric. To make sure that you want to reduce network downtime, you can configure the test to put some of the following matrix:

· Round Trip Time (RTT): RTT for a packet to take to reach your destination that provides information about the measurement, and in turn one. You can reach the destination, a packet is taken to model the time about the need to know. These transactions mainly for the online sale, online business, and eBay and flipkart way that businesses interact, there is no latency, have examined their RTT. Depending on your needs, you are on the RTT may have some tolerance.

· Packet Loss: Packet loss from origin to destination, you have lost a measure that provides information about the total packets. For example, if you send a file from source A to source B, and 80% of data loss, then the file is considered to have failed to reach the destination. Opportunity for data loss on your network, and you have to control it.

· Jitter: Jitter is a measure that you can provide information about the network in the distance. Jitter is mainly performed to test the audio and video conferences, point real-time applications. There are two ways jitter. They are positive and negative jitter is the jitter. A packet to reach the destination, the ideal time to take more time, after which there is a positive jitter. A packet to reach the destination, the ideal time to take a little time, after which there is a negative jitter. A network, you have a negative jitter and positive jitter, or both must be allowed. If your business deals with audio and video conferencing, then you need to maintain the ideal jitter.

· Opinion Score (MOS) Mean: MOS is a measurement of the human voice to provide information about the standard rate. 1 indicates a poor quality and 5 indicates that the quality of the rate of 5, 1 to 5 of the jurisdiction. MOS is mainly to test the voice quality of both audio and video conferencing, real-time applications, point.

After you configure a test, make sure you check out the metrics as a result. You can check with your network monitoring, and to enable the gap to get the results of a number of applications available on the market, there are.

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