Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Maruti Swift Dzire

Finally, the most talked Maruti Suzuki made cars, Maruti Swift, India has been unveiled. After a long wait for the development of domestic automobile company appears to be the most effective and moving to the Indian car market is expected to create a luxury hatchback, it's a great opportunity to get to the mesmerizing Glimpses of a wonderful experience. The new Maruti Swift, the Indian car market to be - part of it in terms of looks and features an old version of Swift seems to be a little different. In addition, the ornate interior and Hyundai i20, Ford Figo, Tata indica Vista, and more, including some of the most popular cars in the same category are considered to be tough competitors in the world.

One of the most advanced technology in the development of the domestic auto giant can easily find fuel efficient cars, to give buyers all the way through the cooking is known for greed, the great wide lure buyers. Maruti comfort and convenience features on the raft with a conventional car can be explained by the start of the new Swift has once again fulfilled its commitment. In addition, more fuel efficient car available in a variety of colors, are considered. By starting a car, an older version of Maruti cars of the role and was replaced by a new version of its existing cars, which showed that there is not enough to have a clear goal.

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 and the new version of the Wagon R, witnesses huge response in the consumer's side. Now, in all, the Indian automobile market with its new Maruti Swift on the rock all over again on the new platforms have been built and re is the style and luxury. The new hatchback, the full potential of the Great acceleration of stock options, including high power weight ratio. In addition, it features strong, with an estimated 140 introduced and gave a reason to buy more car lovers.

4.5 to 7 lakh rupee price of a new Maruti Swift is available and includes six different models. Swift is comparable to the old version we have, it appears that change has been presented, and finally that it is dynamic and reflects many of the issues. This is one of the most stunning and has an adjustable headlamps, and a great experience to give you more space, including driving under the influence. Both petrol and diesel version is here, is to provide customers a wide range of options. Petrol version of Swift, 115 NM at 4,500 rpm Maximum torque at 6,000 and the maximum power out 84 bhp 1.2 liter K mathisi capacity - a series of engine, driven. In addition, it is better to take a maximum speed of 160 kmph.

On the other hand the diesel variant and 190 nm of torque at 4,000 RPM and 2,000 rpm in a 75 bhp 1.3L turbo is driven by its ability to provide the energy out. In addition, the good, the electronic power steering, automatic climate control, anti-lock braking system, central locking, airbag deployment, and is equipped with a number of locations including the incredible features. The new Swift comes in both machines and the unmatched quality and exceptional performance.

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