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GPRS and 3G mobile phone technology, the Internet connection to bring the world's population are poor. No more, Nigeria, India and China are experiencing the impact of these technologies here. Nigeria is significant when, in fact. Only 6 years ago, Nigeria, about 130 million fixed lines, has a population of less than 400 000.

However, the coming of the major GSM networks, MTN, Zain, GLO, and others, the number of subscribers to 50 million sphotagondavu. Currently, GPRS, 3G, and HSPDA technologies make it possible to access different data packet has been a surge of demand for mobile Internet access.

Immediate access to the most amazing thing has gone down dramatically in price. This is democracy in countries such as Nigeria, about 8 years of the new middle class, suitable for mobile phone with a PC or laptop, anyone can now browse websites, chat, email, trade stocks check led to the emergence of meaning there, even in remote rural areas and to take online classes.

What are the requirements for wireless Internet access using a mobile phone?

Phase 1
If you have a phone that supports packet data access. Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung mobile phone manufacturers, such as to provide a wide range of sophistication and cost of changing traffic.

Step 2
If you have a packet data enabled on your mobile phone network. In Nigeria, MTN, GLO and Zain GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSPDA 3.5G, or gives a mixture.

Stage 3
Your phone must be configured for mobile Internet browsing. This is done manually or automatically from your service provider and a movie on your cell phone model. In general, you can save on your mobile access provider settings automatically, or manually enter the request and in both cases.

Step 4
Step 3 Once you are through, you can do it, or Opera Mini, or you can install a web UC Teashark comes with a third-party browser using the default browser on your cell phone can browse.

Step 5
The packet data - enabled mobile phones acting as modems for your PC or laptop can be either. You can either wirelessly from your PC / laptop using Bluetooth or USB cable for your cell phone contact.

On the other hand, some of the PCS and laptops have already installed the necessary drivers. But they also, if you only install the necessary drivers and enter a few settings and you can go online has been reached.

If you use a cell phone, provided that the above steps, not just subscribers to MTN, GLO, or anywhere in the world of mobile Internet access applies to Zain Nigeria.

Hello, my name is Andrew Nwobodo. I am a web developer and Internet Marketer hakiruttene. I Lagos, Nigeria in the country. To serve as a modem for your laptop to your mobile phone for more information about configuring, I make a copy - it - yourself, easy - to details of how to free [] visited GPRS on your PC or laptop with browsing the Internet, the graphical kaipidi - understand that.

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