Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Best games for the new symbian s3 os


Old and real Symbian OS, which was created by Nokia has finally get an required update in the form of the new and improved Symbian s ^ 3, the open-source (who cares). The new operating system for mobile phones is out already, C7 and C6 in the form of the main operating system of Nokia N8, with more phones new year (including the excellent Communicator E7) published. Nokia is still the largest manufacturer of mobile phones, it is little doubt that the new operating system will be successful if the company decides to go with him in all their subsequent Smartphones (whoever said that they also do this).
Market app (Ovi store) must not many applications for Symbian S ^ 3, still not, but a lot of developers and companies said it versions of their applications for the new operating system launches, especially if it is very easy to do, in contrast to the old S60. Now, some have to play large applications, but if you want to really know the functions of the w, that Nokia phones (all including an independent 3D accelerator), to play some good games. Here are some of the best games of the new Symbian s ^ 3 already released and wait for the download.
Angry birds. IPad the most popular game for iPhone, and Android is now available for the new Symbian ^ 3! It is one of the most interesting games and addictive record. It has an interesting history with great graphics and physics in the game. Play angry birds eggs get (literally) stole from pigs and get revenge to take and the eggs!
The Sims 3 HD. The Sims is now available for your Symbian S ^ 3 phone, also! The set includes many interesting things and can their own neighborhoods, houses, and people of their virtual world. The graphics are very fair, and you can easily spend hours trying, the quality of life of the inhabitants virtual (or even worse:-).)
Asphalt 5 h. asphalt 5 HD s already the best game for the iPhone and Nokia look amazing capabilities of 3D hardware, have now enjoy the possibility of a better simulation of racing on your mobile phone. The graphics, controls, tracks and cars in this game are all high, and it should download really as soon as possible.
GT Racing: Motor Academy HD. A further race game for Symbian S ^ 3, GT Racing puts you behind the wheel more 100 vehicles of known manufacturer. Exceptional graphics and controls you can plunge the global race in the last few hours!
Armgeddon Squadron. Armageddon Squadron was the best game for Android for a long time, and they are now available for Symbian S ^ 3, as well. The game puts you in the drivers contains the Chair for some of the most popular aircraft of the second WELTKRIEGS, and they are sent to missions, the basics, cruises to destroy hunting enemy u-boats and other aircraft in the fight over the Pacific!
The list of games will be undoubtedly I micro12 in the near future, with dozens of applications that have been announced and test the beta phase. Symbian is a great OS, and it seems that you follow the footsteps of Android, and a good competitor in the mobile market of bone can be.

Source:  http://www.articlesbase.com/information-technology-articles/best-games-for-the-new-symbian-s3-os-3951832.html

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