Thursday, March 22, 2012

Call Sift Android Apps


Call Sift 

Urgent personal 24 / 7 application to answer, so you never miss a call. Never find themselves waiting for a call during your busy or in a meeting? With this Android app can you running your own personal answering machine 24 / 7, so you can manage your calls when your on the go.
Your phone mode so that these high-quality you simply pass only important, that calls when your phone is received automatically silent mode but still calls. If this option is enabled, your phone will automatically, and a text wondering whether the call is urgent.


Can filter only emergency call error.
Screen calls for emergency measures through response to text message.
Create the possibility of your own personal message.
Cardio coach
Cardio Trainer is a massive application you can track and record your fitness activities. This smart application has several features, including tracking GPS, the integration of music, to keep heart pedometer and much much more to your fun and stimulating. To install Cardio Trainer, on your android mobile phone start and go. If your running, hiking, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, or almost every what other Cardio Trainer activity will act as virtual training partner.


GPS tracking - track your activity on a map.
World best of scores - compare Cardio Trainer user anywhere in the world.
Integration of the music - listen to music your favorite training.
Move your bot - game where you train to improve your physical fitness of the Androids.
Pedometer - account the number of steps.
Integration of Facebook – let your friends and family know your fitness activity.
** Bonus feature **-weight loss Simulator - follow plan lose weight without calorie counting.
** Bonus feature ** - race against yourself – your training time to register, and then race to try to beat them.
Robo defense
I was always been a massive fan of Tower Defense games. Find me will be good, and I to see how far I can find during the hours. But in contrast to most games defensive Tower, Robo defense is one of those, that you come again and again to day after day. You see, it is not just another version of "new" from the generic style of Tower Defense games.


40 Levels of difficulty
3 Different cards
Free demo available
Sprite backup
As we all know, we offer everything what we maintain backups. But most of the time, we simply not interfere with that because it's not worth the effort. With sprite backup backup solution most popular mobile phone in the world - trust through a 17 million people, you never the victim of this issue even more amazing.


The most popular mobile phone in the world backup solution - from 17 million people trust!
Backup - works sprite with suppliers online box.NET and Exchange online backup so that you can restore if necessary.
24 / 7 Backup application - different flexible scheduling options are available so that your data is protected.
Backup reliably - sprite have offers for more than 8 years!
Support 24 / 7
Regular updates - sprite backup is improved with new features and resolve regularly published.

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