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Toshiba Satellite L740


Toshiba Satellite L740 - ToShibara

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The second you take the Toshiba Satellite L740 outdated of the box, you know it is a plan laptop. Primary analyze being the narrow attention paid to bulk and secondary being with the intention of the build quality. But with the intention of must not cloud the actuality with the intention of this may possibly in fact be the plan laptop with the intention of performs well.
Look & Feel
Straightaway, the glossy black conclusion is a morsel of a turn-off - in support of being a scrape, dust and fingerprint attraction. The same conclusion continues through the intact lid and all areas around the piano apart from the touchpad. There is a neat impress design on it though, which reminds us of whilst HP elementary on track to see to the wave impress on the Pavilion DV range of notebooks a the minority years back. This single isn't as profound, but is subtly germane.
Toshiba Satellite L740-2-336.jpg
Above the piano are the stereo speakers and the power solution. No out-and-out keys in support of multimedia playback or accessing the a tangled web. Whatever quick access keys are here are on the shared with the FN keys. The LAN docks, HDMI outdated, 2 USB ports and the headphone/ mic jacks are on the gone quality. A considerably profound cooling vent is here as well. On the rectify are the optical drive, a further USB docks, and the DVI connection. Nothing on the back, since the axis placement ensures with the intention of the lid goes all the way down whilst opened.
Toshiba Satellite L740-4-336.jpg
To the gone of the touchpad, lately on the quality is a cluster of notification illumination -charger connection, power, battery, brutally drive, remembrance license and Wi-Fi. They aren’t discernible very well, and you’ll boast to squint considerably to know which single agency I beg your pardon?. Till you remember with the intention of by central part, with the intention of is! The remembrance license slot is lately less with the intention of.

Overall, while this is a well-built laptop with thumbs down evident rough edges, I beg your pardon? Gives away its cost is the bulky design and the complete plastic conduct right through. Slightly slimmer, and it would boast looked a share better.

Features & Performance
While it isn't an old PC (considering it was launched in the flash quarter of 2011), it isn't the newer gen Core i3 or Core i5 either. The Pentium B940 (Sandy Bridge family) clocks by the side of 1995MHz and is paired with 3GB of RAM. Toshiba preloads the laptop with Windows 7 Home Basic in the 32-bit version. If you see to consider upgrading the RAM to 4GB or more, we recommend switching to a 64-bit version of the OS. Graphics are the Intel HD 2000 sequence, which isn't up for grabs to allow in support of gaming by the side of all. Except solitaire with the intention of is! We were surprised with the PC stain Vantage mark of 4195, which slots it cleanly in the “I am not a slump by in the least stretch of the imagination” class. The Graphics mark brings down the Windows Experience Index of 5.0. The PC gets a mark of 5.8, while the brutally drive scores 5.9. All these scores are outdated of 7.9.

The 14-inch pose is the basic LCD single, with a decree of 1366 x 760 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratio. What impressed us the a large amount was with the intention of this pose isn't weighty by the side of all, making it very comfortable to enjoy - be it outdoors or in a classic personnel upbringing with share of overhead lighting. Partly since of the non-reflective nature of the pose, the viewing angles are much better than a share of other laptops. While it does not boast a very vivid colour treatment, the juiciness helps equally with multimedia viewing and no matter which to see to with ID.

With a humongous 640GB brutally drive, we are indubitable you wont run outdated of luggage compartment window anytime soon. The drive performance is quite clever as well - it copies a zipped 4GB summary in almost 103 seconds and 118 seconds in support of the unzipped 4GB folder.

Battery life is quite disappointing though. This single will run outdated of juice in an hour and 40 minutes, from filled charge to complete discharge. You can catch a morsel more if the brightness is bowed down and connectivity bargain to the bare least amount, but this still wont really crisscross 2 hours.

Our Take
For a cost around Rs 30000, this is more or less a plan laptop with the intention of may possibly fit well in the role of a desktop replacement. The performance is quite constant, and must not reduce speed down under a large amount overcast manipulation scenarios. No gaming though, since this single comes with integrated graphics. Built well, albeit a morsel bulky. The real delight is the amazing pose, and we thank God with the intention of here is selected feel outdated here to leave non-reflective displays on laptops. Alternatively, you may possibly furthermore consider the Lenovo G560, which will fall with a newer Intel Core i3 PC, same 3GB of RAM, slighter 320GB brutally drive but a larger 15.6-inch pose.

Price: Rs. 28,490

Satellite L740- P4210
Price (Rs)
Intel Pentium B940
Speed (MHz)
Intel HD Graphics 2000
Windows 7 Home Basic (32-bit)
Screen Size (Inches)
Type of Panel
Screen Resolution (Pixels)
1366 x 768
Weight (kg)
No of USB ports
No of USB 3.0 (Y/N)
Connectivity (LAN / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi)
Y / Y / Y
E-Sata / Thunderbolt (Y/Y)
N / N
Display (VGA/DVI/HDMI/Display Port)
Y / Y / Y / N
Y / Y
Memory Card Reader (Y/N)
Fingerprint scanner?
Optical Drive (Y/N)
Inbuilt Webcam (Y/N)
Benchmark scores
PCMark Vantage Score
Memory Score
TV and Movies Score
Gaming Score
Music Score
Communications Score
Productivity Score
HDD Score
3D Mark 06 Score
Maxxon Cinebench R11.5 (CPU Score)
Battery Meter (in mins)
Speaker volume (at 50%)
Speaker clarity (at 100%)
HD video playback test (So 10)
4GB single file copy (secs)
4GB folder files copy (sec)
100 MB File Conversion (VOB-to-DivX) (secs)

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