Friday, July 20, 2012

London Olympics Indian Wrestling team to win two medals


After K Jadhav's thrid place finish some 50 decades ago, it was Sushil Kumar’s brown honor at the Chinese suppliers Olympics in 2008 that brought Native indian struggling on the globe map. Play fighting has always been a very popular game in Native indian, but most of the game stayed limited to the non-urban areas and it was taken more as an exercise than an actual game. But all that modified after the Chinese suppliers brown.
KD Jadhav won Native indian its first Olympic honor 12 the 1952 Helsinki Games and it took Native indian wrestlers another 56 decades to win their second honor. A lot has modified since the Chinese suppliers Games. Play fighting as an activity has grown in built after that and desires are very high from our wrestlers in the future London, uk Olympics.
This time as many as five wrestlers have certified for the games and Native indian is hoping at least two awards from their grapplers. The objectives are not hazy as Native indian wrestlers revealed their metal successful 19 awards in the Earth Games in Delhi.
Sushil will once again be the biggest competitor to win the honor for Native indian. Sushil is assured of increasing his Chinese suppliers efficiency. He is the only wrestler to have ever won the World Tournament and the speed would be on his side as he certified for the Olympics just soon enough with a silver honor efficiency at the determining event. So he would enter Olympics after successful a silver honor at an international competition which would be of great help. And moreover his encounter and hunger to succeed would be of tremendous help to him in the Olympics.
The Chinese suppliers Games brown medallist about his chances in London, uk Olympics said, “I will go to win a honor in Olympics. I am quite assured right now and training hard. I have always given 100 percent and would do that in Olympics. I am positive of putting up a better show at London, uk. The win in Chinese suppliers has inspired me a lot. And also it is very excellent that I certified for the Olympics late because now I have the strength with me which definitely would help in performing well at the Olympics.”
Yogeshwar Dutt will contend in the male's 66 kg freestyle classification and he has a strong chance of successful a honor.  He had a poor getaway in the last Olympics and is wanting to hide it.
The newest wrestler among the group is Amit Kumar who will be contending in male's 55 kg freestyle classification. He is going into the Olympics with excellent form behind his back as he won the silver honor at the Oriental Qualifying competition in Astana.
Narsingh Yadav won the silver honor in the Earth Games. He has got the encounter and will prove to be a firm challenge in male's 74 kg freestyle classification.

Geeta Phogat is going to be the first Native indian women to contend in the female's struggling at the Olympics. She will be comprising Native indian in the female's 55kg freestyle classification and has it in her to pull up some problems.

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