Tuesday, August 21, 2012

InstaForex Options Forex Trading

International broker InstaForex provides its customers with the latest trading technologies and top quality services. We have been glad to introduce you to our Binary Intraday Options service.
Short and long options on 11 instruments
are available to our customers within the Forex Options section of Client Cabinet. The minimum option value is USD 1, and the maximum - USD 1000. The section contains a quote chart with a number of timeframes for each option. The quotes archive can be obtained in the Forex Options section as well as on our website. Statistics on your current and archived options is presented within the relevant parts of your cabinet.
Option trading implies
use contracts that guarantee foreseeable, permanent and high profit. The profit is calculated by multiplying the worthiness by 1.8. The contract is equal to the option value, and also you cannot lose more than this initial investment. Should you win, the option prices are refunded collectively using the profit. Should you lose, your maximum loss may be the option value. Every currency movement will bring you profit even if the movement is minimal.
aren't any limits on the number of options per day. If its terms and conditions are executed, and also the opening price is lower or more compared to closing price, the option is profitable.
To calculate the expected profit,
navigate to the Forex Options section, complete the option form and click “Calculate profit”.
Try your hand at option trading! 


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