Tuesday, September 11, 2012

iPhone 5 Release in India

iPhone 5 Release in India 

iPhone 5 likely to launch today

iphone 5 features and specifications

A lot of speculations tend to be doing the actual models within the tech world concerning the new Apple iphone 5.
Everyone is actually interested in the next offer from Apple. Although nothing is obvious about the phone’s requirements, features as well as launch date, yet these are the few areas which have garnered the attention of all tech readers.

have a look at 5 latest revelations about Apple iphone 5.


per the latest reports, iphone may calculate 3.5-inch diagonally and also the 4-inch display suggests that iPhone 5 will have a 30 percent improve in screen-size. Market analysts say that market trend of bigger shows has incited Apple who has been rough towards it's Android rival, the Samsung Samsung Galaxy S III with a 4.8-inch display.


Tech giant
Apple will include a smaller connector in its upcoming gadget iphone 5, making current accessories potentially obsolete, according to a study.

to sources, the iphone 5 includes a 19-pin connection port at the bottom rather than the amazing 30-pin port ‘to make room for the earphone moving to the bottom’.

means the brand new phone would not interact with the myriad of add-ons for example speakers and power chargers that form the main ecosystem around ipods, ipads and apple iphones, without an adaptor, as per The Telegraph reports.

Processor and operating system

is also broadly expected that Apple iphone 5 will be released along with iOS 6. Apple company could also club it with iCloud as well as Facebook integration. On the processor chip line, we could see Apple company utilizing a quad-core processor in iphone 5.
However as per most recent reports, the forthcoming Iphone 5 may sport the same A5X dual-core processor since the current new iPad 3.
Difficult Glasses

As per
latest reports, Apple’s apple iphone 5 will focus on overall durability. Reports contain it that apple iphone 5 may ship with Gorilla Glass 2.
Launch Date

iphone launches are among the greatest affairs on Silicon Valley's calendar, scrutinized by technology investors, enthusiasts and consumers alike.
Several reports speculated the release date of the phone to be around September or October this year. A mobile blog even claimed the date as August 7.

Later, Technology blog iMore first reported the debut
of the new iPhone at a September 12 event earlier. But as per latest reports, the September 12 date could also shift.


A rumoured video of the front plate from the iPhone 5 is doing the rounds. A smartphone repair centre
based in Columbia, SC., SmartPhone Medic, uploaded a slidemovie praoclaiming that they have new parts of the iPhone 5.

John Paczkowski
of most Things D’s has confirmed that Apple will be holding two different events to unveil the most recent iPhone and the
iPad Mini.

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