Monday, September 10, 2012

Trademiner Stocks Futures Forex Software Download

Trademiner Stocks Futures Forex Software Download

ATTENTION TRADERS:In the current financial institution reform bill, they actually suggested ‘banning’ this kind of trading! Here’s the things they said: “It gives those traders an unfair advantage!

A new software trading tool that helps identifies trading opportunities through the use of Artificial Intelligence and brute force mathematics.What accustomed to take days of time consuming mathematical calculations through an Excel spreadsheet is now completed in dependent on seconds.Within the last 10 years, TradeMiner continues to be a proprietary trading tool developed for market analysts, system signal providers, and Stocks, Futures and Forex newsletter authors & magazine publishers. This tool, until now, only has been available to a small select group of industry professionals & traders -- For now, this tool can be obtained to you.The program finds historically accurate trends that have been profitable 80%, 90% or even 100% of times over the past 5,10,20, as well as 30 years.This is all done through a proprietary, artificial intelligent, data cube which allows the pc to calculate and find (mine) millions and millions of trades in seconds. 

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