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For Joining in www.allhitdeals.com SEND YOUR DETAILS (Name,Adress.Date of birth,Mobile No,Email ) SMS ON 08495965577 OR Email---allhitdeals@india.com

A registered Indian corporate (E-FAME ADSENSE)below Indian corporate act 1956 with a registration no- U74900DL2011PTC227019 PAN- AACCE8548A TAN-01012020030910

• Corporate Cope with- 167, Rajendra Place, Rajendra Bhawan, New Delhi-110008
• Contact data- Ph-011-45610550, electronic mail-information@allhitdeals.com
• Web page- www.allhitdeals.com
• Banking Channels- ICICI, IDBI, and AXIS bank.
• Source of income- On-line gross sales, Pay per click, Advertisement.
• Subscription Quantity- Rs-7000/ consisting of all taxes.
• Subscribe Product- On-line Web Route (Hindi/English).


We all know that companies make investments crore of rupees on commercial through TV channels, News papers, Radio, FM, Hoarding, Banners, These advertisement helps in promoting the products/products and services to customers,
We as a shopper watch commercial of these corporations and purchase their merchandise/services and products
Now a days INTERNET is a revolution and firms are promoting and promoting their merchandise/products and services via internet like on facebook, orkut, youtube etc. bcoz most people are using internet nowadays for private as effectively as business purpose.
Advertisement via web channel is called ONLINE MARKETING, our corporate deals in on-line marketing.


1-consumer will get variety of products/services and products world wide which is not to be had on local market.
2-shoppers get bargain on price and home supply of products, which makes shopping easy.

INCOME PLAN-(Per 30 days)

If you become a member of company. Company sends you advertisement links of quite a lot of companies to your user id, Corporate sends 11 advertisements hyperlinks daily in your user id.you as a consumer has to log-in on your account at www.allhitdeals.com after which you must click on those advertisement.

A-PAY PER CLICK INCOME-Corporate can pay you Rs 7.fifty six/ in line with click. Your daily clicks are eleven, so your daily source of revenue could be 11x 7.fifty six=84 Rs approx, therefore your per thirty days income goes to 84x30=2500 Rs.

B-LOG-IN BONUS-Corporate will pay you Rs 50 on each time you log in on your account subject to maximum Rs 150 per week; hence your per thirty days source of revenue shall be a hundred and fifty x four=six hundred rs.

Your overall per thirty days income is 2500+six hundred=3100 Rs.(Three thousand 100 best)

INCOME PLAN-(Limitless)-

Except monthly guaranteed source of revenue company can pay you following limitless income-

A-Direct Referral Commission -company can pay you Rs seven-hundred on each member joined by you instantly through your user id.

B-Staff Development Commission - Corporate can pay you Rs 700 on each and every pair made via you or by your downline, for this you want to make 1 joining on left and 1 becoming a member of on proper side.

C-Rewards,-Corporate circulates many rewards schemes time to time for their contributors like foreign Stour, items etc.


1-Company is planning to launch its own Micro social networking site like Twitter.
2-Corporate is operating on local commercial facility; Narrow casting, Opinion polls (survey).
three-On-line buying groceries facility via your individual rewards points.
four-Re-acquire source of revenue on buying groceries made by means of your down line.


1-A registered Indian company with entire prison formalities.
2-No time boundation, it's essential to just spend your 10-quarter-hour daily or 1 hours weekly as in line with your own comfort.
three-you'll have the opportunity to do it from house, workplace, cybercafé on section time basis.
4-No particular education is required to do it.
5-Per thirty days fastened income of Rs 3100 in preserving with person id.
6-No bodily paintings or gross sales involved. .just do it as you do face book and orkut.
7-Limitless binary and sponsorship income to fulfill your desires in short period.

Allhitdeals Shopping Portal launched on 11/8/2012

Tutorial to How to join Allhitdeals


pls be at liberty for cont

Contact us:8495965577 

Email: allhitdeals@india.com

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