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MMM India announce the reopening of the MMM in India. Congratulations to all of us



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MMM INDIA: Firm Evaluation (MLM)         
Company Title: MMM INDIA
Company web site:
Alternate web site: https://2012.sergey-mavrodi.com
The Following Knowledge’s given beneath has been collected from company’s internet-website
“The concept of MMM is solely built on honesty, openness and trust bases.
The idea MMM was created by Mr Sergey Mavrodi in Russia. This is not a company, not a business, it is a social monetary community, international mutual help fund.
There is nothing illegal in transferring your private money to every other. That's what banks are made for, isn't it.
The official net-web site of Mr. Sergey Mavrodi himself which is
and likewise -
The official internet-site of MMM INDIA There are not any official sources aside from that.
MAVRO which has been introduced is like a MMM-currency. Principally, it's nothing but an summary calculating unit. Identical to common currency, MAVRO has 2 different "change charges", one for "selling" and one for "shopping for". Every participant can "sell" or "purchase" MAVRO, in keeping with the "charges". "Purchase" and "sale" of MAVRO are carried out by particular automatic software on the official website.
The approximate rates at which MAVRO grows are--
Ø  30% per thirty days compounding curiosity (Common MAVRO).
Ø  forty% per 30 days compounding interest (Three months Deposit).
Ø  55% per thirty days compounding interest (Three months Super Worthwhile Deposit).
The limits for deposit of funds for each participant is minimum 5000 INR to maximum 50 000 INR at a particular time. One particular person can have just one ID on his name.
Your MAVRO deposits are released:
Ø  30% MAVRO -after 1 month from the date of purchase of MAVRO;
Ø  forty% MAVRO - after three months from the date of buy of MAVRO;
Ø  fifty five% MAVRO - after three months from the date of buy of MAVRO.
If you happen to sell MAVRO earlier than release:
Ø  30% MAVRO - might be calculated at the charge of 0% MAVRO as on the date of purchase;
Ø  forty% MAVRO - can be calculated at the rate of 30% MAVRO as on the date of purchase;
Ø  55% MAVRO -shall be calculated at the price of zero% MAVRO as on the date of purchase.
The charges of Three months Deposit and Three months Tremendous Profitable Deposit continue to grow after launch at the rate of forty% per thirty days compounding interest.
MMM-CRO, the Department of Management And Audit, has a special role, whose powers lengthen to all. For any violations proved by CRO or refusal to provide documents requested by CRO, you may be immediately and completely deleted from the System.
The System consists of two main buttons: GIVE HELP (Purchase MAVRO) and GET HELP (Sell MAVRO). The second you register, you press the GIVE HELP (Buy MAVRO) button, which suggests you comply with transfer your money as per request. Once you need to Get Help (Promote MAVRO), you press the GET HELP button. If participant didn't purchase Mavro within two weeks after registration - ID shall be mechanically deleted from the System.
As per the request of the System, a participant MUST switch money WITHIN 48 HOURS, from his personal account to the account of the desired participant. Additionally, the System provides more hours if it is a week-finish or holiday. In case the participant refuses to switch the cash as per the System’s request - this specific participant will completely be DELETED from the System. The particular request is forwarded to a different participant.
For withdrawal you should utilize another checking account, and it can be from any Bank in India.
There are two varieties of "bonuses”: referral "bonuses” and manager "bonuses”.
Referral "bonus” is a "bonus” which a participant will obtain for every new participant he introduces to the System.
Referral "bonus” is 10% from the amount deposited.
Manager "bonus” is a "bonus” given to the managers in appreciation for the work with their participants. This includes the development of his/her construction, group of conferences, journey bills, promoting, communication, Web etc.
Ø  1st Stage- three%,
Ø  2nd Degree- 1%,
Ø  3rd Stage- 0.5%,
Ø  4th Degree- 0.25%,
Ø  5th Degree onwards- 0.1%.
Referral and supervisor "bonuses” are given on full amount deposited by referral/ participant, but solely AFTER confirmation of deposit. You possibly can convert your "bonuses" to 30% MAVRO, forty% MAVRO or 55% MAVRO without selling them.
Referral and manager "bonuses” are given when a referral/downline buys MAVRO, but only on "new cash” deposited.
In case of huge-scale panic, the CALM regime will likely be introduced. The money is in different personal accounts of members and there is no special susceptible heart or point.

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