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MMM India alternatives

MMM India


Hello Friends we found new Helping Plan


We are happy to announce you we are started – INDIA, USA, CANADA, MALESIYA. In 4 country same day on 28th May 2013.
All of you are waiting to know what exactly is the RELIANCE HALP.

will like to make it very clear that this is not a get QUICK RICH SCHEME or any type of Networking Company. This is a simple MUTUAL AID SYSTEM.

Now I will explain how RELIANCE HALP IS GOING TO WORK.

GIVE HELP & GET HELP from someone, We have "Violence" our Reliance Halp currency just like our regular currency.
like other currency "Violence" have two different exchange rates, one for give & one for get. Each associate can "give" or "get" Each associate can "give" or "get" Violence, according to the "rates". "Purchase" and "sale" of Violence are carried out by special automatic software on the official website.
A associate can deposit (GIVE HELP) IS Minimum- 1000 INR. TO Maximum – 1,00,000 INR.
Associate can get only one ID by one Mobile Number & E-Mail ID.
Your Violence deposits are confirmed only after you transfer full 100% amount deposited – to another associate. associate are given guidance and help in Reliance Halp by their managers, who in fact control their own teams.
Over the 10 manager is a 100 manager,
Over the 100s manager is a 1000nd manager,
Over the 1000nd managers is a System control manager. (S.C.M.) & CO-ORDINATOR
The System consists of two main buttons: GIVE HELP and GET HELP.
The moment you register, you press the GIVE HELP button, which means you agree to transfer your money as per request. When you want to Get Help you press the GET HELP button.
If participant didn't press give help within one week after registration – ID will be automatically deleted from the System.
As per the request of the System, a associate MUST transfer money WITHIN 48 HOURS, from his personal account to the account of the specified associate. Also, the System gives more hours if it is a week-end or holiday.
In case the associate refuses to transfer the money as per the System's request – this particular associate will permanently be DELETED from the System. The particular request is forwarded to another associate.
Since This is a Mutual Social Financial Structure, There is no owner to this system, We all own this system but for Administrative purpose We have appointed SCM "System Control Manager"
RIGHTS to Join NEW Member is initially given to "S.C.M" Who in return will appoint 10's manager, Once the Member becomes 10's Manager he will have RIGHT to add new member.

1] Associate will get 10% Direct Income.
2] 10 Manager (TM) will get
Direct Joining : 12% 1st Generation : 5%
2nd Generation : 3% 3rd Generation : 2%
4th Generation : 1% 5th Generation : 0.05 to unlimited Depth: 0.05%
3] 100 Manager (HM) will get
Direct Joining : 13% 1st Generation : 5%
2nd Generation : 3% 3rd Generation : 2%
4th Generation : 1% 5th Generation : 0.05 to unlimited Depth: 0.05%
4] 1000 Manager (TH.M) & S.C.M. - will get
Direct Joining : 15% Up to unlimited Depth.
Minimum Withdrawal: `2,000 Maximum : `20,000

Commitments Plan

Earn daily up to 20% on your Commitmemnt. We offer for your consideration our referral program. Earn referral and binary 10%. click to start earning with us.
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